The services we offer

Our entire portfolio of services is aimed at optimising technological resources to obtain high levels of productivity.

To achieve our goals, we have focussed on Oracle technology and have organised our staff structure in order to offer services across the entire IT stack.

Oracle SOA/BPM Projects

avanttic - Oracle SOA/BPM Projects

In avanttic's opinion, SOA/BPM (Service Oriented Architecture/Business Process Management) is the best architecture option available for connecting applications and constructing cross-sectional business processes quickly and flexibly, which has become common philosophy for IT and business..

Oracle Fusion Middleware Development Projects

avanttic - Oracle Fusion Middleware Development Projects

avanttic offers its development services based on Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM), the most comprehensive, standardised and integrated middleware platform on the market today.

Oracle Forms/Reports:
Our consultants have extensive experience in developing, rolling out and providing support for applications based on Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports. We have developed our own methodology with an optimal development environment that enables us to achieve very high productivity levels.

Oracle JEE/ADF:
For development projects based on Java we use Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework). Oracle ADF is a is a development framework based on Java EE Design using a visual and declarative environment that minimises the need for writing script, thereby achieving a substantial reduction in programming work. The Oracle ADF architecture is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern that adds an extra layer of persistence management: the Business Services layer..

Business Intelligence Projects

avanttic - Business Intelligence Projects

avanttic carries out BI projects using Oracle Business Intelligence to address business analysis needs and Oracle Warehouse Builder and Oracle Data Integrator for data consolidation.

Oracle Infrastructure and Systems Management

avanttic - Oracle Infrastructure and System Management

avanttic provides all installation, maintenance and technical support services for Oracle products: databases, application servers, SOA/BPM platforms, Business Intelligence 2.0 servers, etc.

Advanced Production Services:
We provide support solutions for your Oracle technology-based production platform with 12-month consulting and preventative/reactive support service packages available 24/7 and that are supplemented by administrative, monitoring and specific maintenance/consulting work (expert services and projects), all with a single unified vision and management. Support is provided by a team of specialised managers and technicians who all have wide experience working with Oracle.